Infrared Thermography

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What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared Thermography (IR) is a technology that allows us to “see” what the human eye cannot.   IR detects tiny but crucial differences in temperature throughout a house, including behind the walls, beneath the floors and beyond ceilings. These temperature variations often reveal “invisible” problems concealed from the human eye, including hidden moisture intrusion, roof and plumbing leaks, faulty wiring, missing insulation, ventilation problems, broken window seals, heating and cooling systems, appliances and insect hives inside walls.

Most of these problems will go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection. But with a Bracia Home Inspections enhanced infrared home inspection, inspectors can easily and quickly scan the house and pinpoint these concerns, providing clients with additional vital information that competitors simply can’t offer.

Under the right or properly controlled conditions, infrared allows a trained inspector to make determinations about what is happening behind the wall based on the surface temperature of the wall and differences in the building material’s thermal properties.

Why Have An Inspection With Infrared Thermography?

As an additional tool to our traditional home inspection, the IR camera allows us to offer an enhanced home inspection. An enhanced home inspection is our traditional home inspection with the added benefits of IR technology which allows our inspectors to “see” more than what the human can “see” alone.   The “traditional” home inspection can provide a lot of information about a property but is limited to what an inspector can see without the aid of IR technology. IR provides the inspector a much more in depth look at certain conditions that may exist at a property. Bracia Inspectors are trained and certified to use and interpret the findings of IR technology.

An “Enhanced” IR home inspection will allow you to know, in advance of your real estate purchase, any issues that may exist that are invisible to the human eye. This way issues can be addressed before the purchase or can be handled after you take possession of the property.

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